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Letter from Fdr (fin2)
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Mrs. Wanda J. Burnside

Founder & President


Mr. Simmie L. Burnside


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Author Ramelle T. Lee

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Mrs. Michele Gardner-Barnes

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Dr. Mary Edward

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Letter from the Founder

Yelllow Flowers


Yelllow Flowers

Dear Friends,

We warmly welcome you to our brand new website! We are blessed to have you join us today. We truly praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity and count it a privilege to share the blessings of the Lord with you. The Lamp Newsletter International is a bi-monthly Christian publication, filled with inspirational writing and devotional messages. Our Newsletter was first established in 2008. October 2020 marked the 12th Anniversary since its founding. 


We have posted our vast collection of newsletters (past and present) here online for you to freely view or download in PDF format. So, if you did not read an issue from years ago, you can do it now! If you missed an issue because you were too busy to read it, now you can! 

In this time of great need, when the world is looking for hope in the midst of despair, and for light to shine in the darkness of all that is happening around us, it is our desire to continually shine God's light through our Newsletter, to help make a difference. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our Newsletter. We also share information about our other  ministry resources, here online. We hope you enjoy your visit with us and pray that blessings from the Lord will flow abundantly into your life, through the riches of His love and grace. 

Yours in Christ,

Wanda J. Burnside
Founder & President

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Minister Sandra L. Hickman


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Mrs. Christine V. Mitchell

(The UK - London)

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Mrs. Doris Homan

Kizzy Staten Gray.png

Mrs. Kizzy Staten-Gray

Donna Ralynn Brooks

Donna Raylynn Brooks


Tierrany Bledsoe.jpg

Tierrany L. Bledsoe


Our Newsletter brings to you

Our Newsletters bring to you ...

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  • encouragement, hope, blessings and vital information

  • heart-warming stories, humour and light-hearted stories to give you joy!

  • messages of comfort when you are discouraged, stressed and going through challenges

  • words to help empower you in your walk with God

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What Readers Say

What Our Readers Say

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Here are just a few of our readers' comments:

"God moved through everybody"

"Sister Burnside,

This was a great issue! God moved through everybody. From the cover to the last page, it was wonderful I was blessed by what these anointed writers wrote. God bless Ramelle, Sandra, Christine and Michele! Thank the Lord!


"You give fresh manna ..." 

"Mrs. Burnside,

My husband and I love the Lamp! You give fresh manna through your writings. Please keep us on your mailing list.

..... Dorothy and John Butler".

"I love your newsletter..." 


"Sister Burnside,

Thank you so much, Wanda. I wish you the very best too. I love your newsletter and all that you put into it to help others. I look forward to meeting you.

..... Patricia Gallagher"

"God bless you and your staff.." 


"Mrs Burnside,

God bless you and your staff! It is amazing how God has done such great work through all of you. Stay encouraged. I want to give you a loving offering. I will do that asap! Give my love to Mr. Burnside.

..... Sincerely, Cynthia"

"God truly blessed me ..."


"Wanda J. 

God truly blessed me by these interesting and touching stories! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

.....Love, Barbara"

"Very informative ...."


"Very informative and great presentations! Great expectations this year. Be blessed Minister Wanda and awesome news! 43 years of marriage this year.


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"Thy Word"

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Amy Grant
Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter

Theme song 

"Thy Word"

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"Thy Word" sung by Amy Grant

Writer/s: Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith (1984)

Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.,
Capital Christian Music Group

Published in 24 hymnals

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”
(Psalm 119:105 KJV)
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God Bless You!

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