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Dear Readers

We praise God for the opportunity to publish His word. Over the years, I have received numerous feedback letters and comments about The Lamp Newsletter. It is a true blessing to read each of them from our readers. I have saved them and now they are posted here online! I am so GRATEFUL for the encouragement and kind words that readers have sent to me. Maybe you sent your comments, too. Well, you just might find yours - here on our Testimonials  page!  God bless you!  ... Wanda J. Burnside

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   We share below MORE  comments received from our readers:  

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Sister Burnside,

This was a great issue!  God moved through everybody. From the cover to the last page, it was  wonderful.  I was blessed by what these anointed writers wrote. God bless Ramelle, Sandra, Christine and Michele!  Thank the Lord! ...


Sister Burnside,

Thank you so much, Wanda. I wish you the very best too. I love your newsletter and all that you put into it to help others. I look forward to meeting you." ...

Patricia Gallagher"


This newsletter spoke to my heart.  I love each issue. ...


Wanda J. 

God truly blessed me by these interesting and touching stories! Keep up the GREAT WORK! Love,


Mrs Burnside,

God bless you and your staff!  It is amazing how God has done such great work through all of you.  Stay encouraged. I want to give you a loving offering. I will do that asap! Give my love to Mr. Burnside.

Sincerely, Cynthia"

Man Typing on a Laptop

Hello Wanda,

I have said it many times….your newsletters are so inspirational and encouraging. All of these years, God has helped you to write these newsletters. I’ve been a fan for years now. Your staff writers from the USA and now from Australia and the UK, are a blessing. I was touched by their stories about Christmas.  This was a special touch to the Christmas season. Please let them know that this was a gift for this season. Thank you ...

John and Family

Awesome newsletter!!

From Fanny

Hi Wanda!

Girl, you are blessed by publishing this newsletterHow many years is it now?  You must be coming up on 10 years?  Keep up the good work! I love all of the articles and stories!


Thanks for the great newsletters! Love and prayers.

Your friend, Izola


I was surprised to see Michele’s writing in your newsletter.  Tell her she is loved.  God bless her and her family. 

Your friend, Alice

Organized Desk

Sister Burnside,  Much continued success!



Thanks for sending me the Lamp.  You write from your heartYou are not afraid to tell it like it is!!  I love your bold style of writing,  When I saw that title, STOP IT!  I said, “What!”  You stay bold and brave!  I love you.  Praying for you.

Evangelist Smith

Hello Wanda,

Your newsletters are the light What a lamp it is to this dark world.  We love hearing from our sisters in Australia and the UK.  They are precious women of God.  They have something to say to the world! Ramelle has been featured several times.  She touches my heart.  That story from Michele was great, too. Love ya!


Mrs. Burnside,

My husband and I love the Lamp!  You give fresh manna through your writings. Please keep us on your mailing list. 

Dorothy and John Butler

Open Book

Hey Wanda,

I read every issue of the LampGood job!  Good job!



I love the Lamp newsletter.  You have great articles and stories. I just love all of the news, birthday and anniversary news, too. Putting all of this information in the newsletter takes a lot of work.  I know it is hard work. You keep it real.  Love it!

Christine and friends

P.S. I share my Lamp with others

Hi Wanda,

It felt just like having a Christmas celebration about Jesus reading this issue of the Lamp. I praise God for your writers. They have great talents. Please let them know that they are doing a great job!  God bless all of you! 

Shirley and John

Mrs. Burnside,

Your newsletters are very informative I like the poetry and stories. We must keep praying for Kim Clement.  Good that Ms. Lee reported on this.  



Thumbs up! Great newsletter! Great work!! I felt Christmas from the front cover to the back. I love the articles and stories. Every issue of your newsletters lift and encourage me,  Thanks.  Your friend



Wow Wanda .. the newsletter was a heaven-send! This comes at such a perfect time. My grandmother went to be with the Lord on December 10, 2015. I was with her in the hospital for 22 days and nights. It had gotten to the point I was not getting enough rest in there to help her call the nurse, help feed her or whatever she needed do to me being so lethargic. So my aunt agreed to visit and spend the night with her and let me go home and get some rest. I asked her to do two things call me if grandma kept asking for me and watch her blood pressure. If her blood pressure dropped lower than 75 systolic a nurse or get one. I got a text her blood pressure dropped to 32 - I am thinking what that is fatal. Rushed to the hospital to find her peacefully sleep. I could not believe it. The one time I leave her she slipped away.


A few said she was waiting on me to leave her bedside. I have gone back and forth with it. All I know is God gets the last say and now I am at peace. I was my grandmothers caregiver. Since 2009 I cared for her as my grandfather went to be with the Lord. We would take turns watching him. He had developed Alzheimer's and sometimes would try to go out of the front door.  He passed away at home in the kitchen at the table, my grandmother did not even know he was gone. She had asked me to see about him because he did not want to eat dinner. His last wishes and mostly my grandmothers wishes were met. I am in a daze.

I have been thanking God for the experience of knowing my grandparents and being raised by them and the opportunity to help them as an adult as they helped me when I was a child. I thank God for being raised by a Christian mother and grandparents. I thank God for allowing me to express my love, gratitude and servitude toward my grandmother at home and in the hospital. The staff and everyone knew our love for each other and God was our Lord and Savior!


Your newsletter confirms truth about the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


The poem "When Christmas Day is Past" was eloquently written. The testimonies and every contribution touched my heart. May God continue to bless every one that contributed to the newsletter and bless the  paper with longevity.

Sister / Daughter in Christ,

Patricia Travis


Praise the Lord Mrs. Burnside,

Happy New Year to you and your family. I read your newsletter didn't stop until I finished. I let Hannah see her name in the birthday list.  She read it to me. She is so smart. I also read about Prophet Kim. I pray that he will rise up in the name of Jesus I will be praying for him and his family.

God bless you.

Minister Charlestine Herbin

Very informative and great presentations. Great expectations this year. Be blessed Minister Wanda and awesome news 43 years of marriage this year.



Thanks again for these newsletters. I tried to phone you to express my appreciation and congratulate you on your outstanding news article, but your voice mail was full and was unable to accept messages. I know that your family is proud of you and all of your accomplishments. That information regarding the new asst. superintendent was interesting. I have been retired for over ten years, but always like to keep current on what's going on in Detroit schools. Thanks again. May God continue to smile upon you.

Dr.  Louise Campbell

Good morning Wanda!

I received your wonderful newsletter and am in the process of reading each and every page of it! Writing is such a wonderful outlet for our many facets of expressions and feelings. This Thanksgiving will be different for me as well, as I lost a sister and brother inside of six months of each other this year. Having known that Regina passed away, hit me like a ton of bricks too. So, enjoy your holiday with those whom you hold dear and those who are near. Please know I hold you in the highest of esteem and am very proud to call you my friend. Enjoy the season and many wonderful things it brings (including memories).  Love you so very much!!

Deb Foster

Bethlehem House of Detroit, Inc

Wood Pencil and Notebook

Thank you for this newsletter. It was very encouraging especially during these trying times. God bless your work and ministries Sis Burnside.

Sis & Elder McPeak

Great job, Wanda, of reminding us all that we all have storms in our lives and that God is in the middle of the storm. My prayers are with you. Thanks to Ramelle for sending the goodies to the hurricane people and hi to Mr. Simmie!

 -Love, Patricia Gallagher

"Thank you for your newsletter. We are truly holding on TIGHTER than ever before to our JEHOVAH  SHALOM  our JEHOVAH NISSI our JEHOVAH RAPHA our JEHOVAH Book is a point of reference text book that FOCUS on  JEHOVAH'S Passover LAMB...& all His brand-new Position & Provisions that BELIEVERS have in Him...& teachings about PERFORMING from their spiritual victorious Messiah living in them by FAITH in the valley if various STORMS in their physical  realities..My Book "Do You See What I See" is based on God opening spiritual EYES to SEE spiritual life in Christ that in Him their is MORE with US than AGAINST US..Eph.1-6; 2Kings.6; 1Pet.1; Ro 6-8; Heb.8-10..Now to Him Who Is Able..bless U Sister..please pray for our communion worship times & our up-coming book signing."

Pastor Tonie Gatlin, Portland, Oregon

"Hello Mrs. Burnside,

A copy of your editor's note for the current issue of The Lamp magazine was forwarded to me this morning.  Thank you for having the boldness and compassion to write this editorial.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful mother, but it ministered to me in another way. I would love to get copies of your magazine monthly.  Please let me know what to do to start receiving the newsletter. Thank you very much for being who you are in the Lord. And also for your message on Ballet Shoes. Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!!"

EJ Miller


You did another great job with the newsletter and your writings. Glad you put your poem there. I love your new book cover. Am going to go and listen to your poems now. We will have to talk very soon and catch up. What a lot of work for the newsletter. So nicely written and presented....lots of inspiration and encouragement, my dear friend.

Patricia Gallagher

Happy New Year and continued success!!!

Beverly Black Johnson

Image by Bookblock


Thank you for adding me in your newsletter! I appreciate you Wanda! Love you and never stop using your gifts! You are a blessing to the Kingdom of God! 


Good evening Sister Ramelle. Thank you for the copy of The Lamp Newsletter. Very inspirational and encouraging.

Rev. David Mason

Hello Mrs. Burnside,

I pray that all is well with you and your family. I read your newsletter and I would like to thank you for putting my card and a birthday greeting in your newsletter.  It is very nice of you.  You covered a lot of topics about people past and present. It was very nice.   Thank you again.


Minister Charlestine Herbin

Hello Minister Wanda,

I read your article "Naked" it's motivating to seek the Lord and pour out and not hide a thing from the Lord.  I would love for you to be my speaker on our March 24th online broadcast.  The program airs at 9 p.m. and is called "Praising & Sharing with My Sister" a person can call in or use the computer to access the program.  Please let me know, and I would also like to invite Sister Ramelle to read her poem in the newsletter and give an overview of how she was inspired to write it.  You can let her know or provide her email for me. Thank you in advance for your response.

Towana Parker

Destiny and Purpose Community Outreach (DAPCO)

Web Address:

Towana D. Parker (Executive Director)

(877) 832-1277 Ext. 103

Serving Wayne & Washtenaw Counties 

Image by Matt Wojtaś


Dear Wanda

It is wonderful that you've been able to hold special 10th Anniversary celebrations for The Lamp Newsletter during the weekend. I had made comments along the way in my website correspondence with you (eg. how fantastic the articles are in the early editions, some of which I read when I was creating PDFs for them all, and such that I had to stop myself from getting carried away reading!) ... but hadn't got around to writing specifically on the celebrations. You have worked so hard down through the years, pressing on amidst the difficulties and battles of life. It's wonderful to know how readers have been blessed through The Lamp. It's also amazing, and a blessing, the way the Lord brought us all together as a team, to help contribute to this work, for His glory. May the Lord bless and prosper this ministry outreach, and may The Lamp continue to shine out and touch and change lives. Amen. Sandra's prayer (based on the prayer of Jabez) is truly a wonderful blessing for The Lamp Newsletter and it's lovely that it will be included on the website.


May God Bless all of us - The Lamp Newsletter Team! 


Much love always


Bicycle outside flower shop.jpg

I was glad this morning that I took the time to read your Newsletter. I did not have the time to read all of the other authors' entries, but was blessed by your editorial. Certainly during the end of 2017, events in the book of Job were a source of revelation, hope and encouragement for me.

I too, experienced 2017 as a year of tests, trial and discouragements. Actually since 2014 up to December has really been a season of struggle. From dealing with the deaths of loved ones, financial stress and health issues (including my mother and me, (2 moves myself and having to go east and move my 86 year old mother this past December), etc. I almost "threw in the towel", as they say. However I thank God for bringing me through and encouraging me to persevere! Now I look with great expectation for God's glory to be manifested for us as it was with Job. I know God can give "double for our trouble!"

Thank you for being such a wonderful example of perseverance and encouragement. Most times, we have no idea of what someone else is going through. That is why it is so important for us to pray one for another. So, I ask that you would continue to pray for me as I you.


Please keep up the good work and don't let go! God will continue to bless you for blessing others!

Love you!

Pastor ______

PS: I was excited when I read that we were born the same year. I turned 67 last November. We are the baby-boomers of 1950! (smile)

Image by Irina Iriser



Thanx Wanda your newsletter is much loved & appreciated!


Of course it is always such a buzz to see our names mentioned :).  Thank you SO much for including Judah, Tari, Ray and myself, you're very generous to do that ... xo


The subjects you cover are important and full of insight and great advice, bringing to your readers a great Godly perspective on things ...


I love the poetry featured, as well as all the precious people that you honour with endorsements and encouragement ... that is just wonderful!!


I think it's a Godly, 'newsy' informative newsletter and a really great read! Please keep it going and keep up the good work!

Thank you!!

Lots of love & huge blessings

Sandra  xxx

 Thank you so much!
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