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by Christine V. Mitchell

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by Christine V. Mitchell

Christine writes from the heart in this uplifting collection of 40 inspirational poems of faith, hope, comfort and encouragement and praise. The central theme of the poems in this book is the perfect love of God found in Christ ~ a love that has sustained Christine through difficult life experiences, again and again. Many have shared how they have been blessed through her poetry.

Paperback and Kindle e-book
Available from:
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by Christine V. Mitchell

Comfort & Hope is a collection of inspirational and uplifting poems of hope by Christine V. Mitchell, offering re-assurance and consolation. Christine's poems express the tender compassion of Christ for the brokenhearted and offer hope in times of despair, grief and loneliness.

Paperback and Kindle e-book
Available from:


Draw Near Publication Anthologies

With Contributions by Christine V. Mitchell

Christine was also blessed to have her poetry and prayers published in the following two anthologies produced by Draw Near Publication Ministry. These anthologies are available either as free e-books from Draw Near Ministries, or as paperbacks from Blurb and/or Amazon.

Blessed Creation:
A Christian Poetry Collection

Blessed Creation.jpg
Christine's poem:
"Behind the Design"

Beseeching Grace:
An International Prayer Collection

Beseeching Grace.jpg
Christine's Prayer:

"This Green & Pleasant Land:  A Prayer for England"

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