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About Us

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The Lamp Newsletter was founded in 2008 by Wanda J. Burnside, award-winning poet and author, of Detroit, Michigan, USA. In that year, Wanda had a very special encounter with God in which He called her to begin writing The Lamp Newsletter. She shares the amazing full story of how it all began, which you can view on our History page. 

Throughout the years, Wanda has fervently pressed forward, despite many of life's difficulties along the road, and, along with her team, is committed to publishing regular inspirational editions, which have been a blessing to readers around the world. She has received numerous testimonials of how readers have been blessed, many of which we have published here on our website.

Our Team

Wanda's husband and co-founder, Simmie L. Burnside Jr., works alongside her as manager, overseeing the production and operation of the newsletter. The Lord has also blessed the ministry with a growing and dedicated staff team of gifted and anointed writers from various backgrounds, from the USA, Australia and the UK, who yield their talents, skills and gifts to bring forth godly messages to reach the world through their articles, poetry, and other work.

Our staff team write uplifting articles covering a wide range of topics and themes. They write from hearts of compassion, sharing heart-warming stories, thought-provoking messages and much more, to impart a blessing to believers, help build faith, bring comfort and encouragement in times of difficulty, and to empower believers in their walk with God. (Meet the Team and view bios)


From time to time, we are also blessed with articles and other contributions from guest writers.  

Our Mission

We believe every soul is precious and love to share what God has given us, to inspire and ignite faith in hungry hearts. The goal of our website is to help change lives, through the almighty power of God, by providing easy access to our newsletters, all of which are centered on the message of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to see believers encouraged, uplifted, and filled with the hope of the Lord. In addition to our newsletters, we also share our other ministry resources and products.


The Lord is our strength and the source of our inspiration. Although, at times, we experience great trials, tests and difficult situations in our lives, our hope is in JESUS! This is why we write, to share God's message and Word to people everywhere! Our prayer is that the light of God's love will shine into many hearts, through our Newsletter.

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