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Poems of Salvation

by Ramelle T. Lee

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Young woman praying, eyes closed, open a

Jesus Is Waiting

by Ramelle T. Lee

~ ~

An open hand is extended your way.

His heart is receptive.

His arms are opened wide.

Are you ready to receive Christ into your life?

Will you yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus is waiting.

Don’t be afraid.

 He will never harm you. Jesus loves you

with an everlasting love.

Come and be a part of God’s kingdom.

Jesus is waiting to embrace you

as never before.

Welcome Him with open arms.

His angels will watch over you.

Jesus is waiting to be a part of your life.

Will you come to Him today?


 Copyright 2004

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Tropical Flower
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Jesus said:

"I will never turn away anyone who comes to me"

(John 6:37, GNT)

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While You Can

by Ramelle T. Lee

~ ~ ~

Look to Jesus, while you can.

Take Him by the hand.

He will save your soul.

Hold up the blood-stained banner

for the Lord.

Take God’s Word with you

everywhere you go.

Obey Him, while you can.

Love Him, while you can.

Serve Him, while you can.

Give your heart to Jesus,

 while you can.

He will give you eternal life.

That’s His reward to you!


Copyright 2004

Woman praying, looking up, folded hands.

"Now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation"

(2 Corinthians 6:2)

Peaks Above Clouds

Dear Friend ~ The Lord is merciful and kind. You can experience the reality of His love today. He lovingly invites you to receive Him into your heart.

If you would like to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, as your Saviour, today ~ click below to find out more

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