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Who We Write for

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The Lamp Newsletter staff team publishes inspirational content to bless people from

all walks of life ...

.. men, women,

young people, older people,

singles, couples, parents, grandparents, people of all

races and colours.

Whatever your culture, background,

or status, whatever your

circumstances or challenges ...

you'll find there's a word

for you!

Study group

God loves you with an


He knows about every

challenge that you face.

He has a word for

absolutely every season

and every situation.

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 Young Woman Contemplating

Yes, God sees, He knows

and He cares ...

about every detail

of your life.

He sends His Word
to shine light on your pathway, to reassure You of how much
He cares.

Three Generations
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Dear Friends ...

You are SPECIAL, you are PRECIOUS!

As you travel through the maze of life, where so much is happening all around, on a personal, national and international scale, you can have at your fingertips words of life and hope, to help you to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Be blessed!

Take some time to

browse through our Newsletter collection and enjoy uplifting reading that will

bless your soul, strengthen your faith and

renew your hope!

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Be inspired!

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