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by Ramelle T. Lee

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A New Hope (by RTL)#.png
by Ramelle T. Lee

Messages of hope for you. Includes an anointed prayer and a powerful poem.

Available from:
Author Ramelle T. Lee

If you're interested in this Christian Writer's booklet, please contact Author Ramelle directly. (Click HERE for contact info)

Rescued by God's Almighty Power.png

God wants to show Himself strong on your behalf!  This book from Author Ramelle Lee shares a powerful message of hope and courage with those who are broken and discouraged.

Kindle E-Book

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Available from:
A Prayer for Our Family.png
by Ramelle T. Lee

The angels of the Lord are ready to take charge! God will release them to fight for you! Purchase several copies of this anointed and powerful warfare prayer! SPECIAL BUNDLED PACKAGES AVAILABLE!

Kindle E-Book

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Step Into His Greatness - cov.jpg
by Ramelle T. Lee

“Step into His Greatness” is a book that will give you great wisdom as you seek God for His answers to life’s issues. What is God saying to your heart? Have you ever received a fresh word from the Lord? Come with me on a journey into the presence of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to embrace you with anointed and inspirational messages straight from the heart of God. 

Paperback and Kindle E-Book
Available from:
The Main Keys to Becoming a Comitted Chr
by Ramelle T. Lee

Includes helpful key suggestions on how to stay focused as a writer/author.

Available from:
Author Ramelle T. Lee

If you're interested in this Christian Writer's booklet, please contact Author Ramelle directly. (Click HERE for contact info)

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Draw Near Publication Anthologies

With Contributions by Author Ramelle T. Lee

Ramelle was also blessed to have her poetry and prayers published in the following 3 anthologies produced by Draw Near Ministries. These anthologies are available either as free e-books from Draw Near Ministries, or as paperbacks from Blurb and/or Amazon.

Blessed Creation:
A Christian Poetry Collection

Blessed Creation.jpg
Ramelle's poem:
"A Transformed Heart"

Beseeching Grace:
An International Prayer Collection

Beseeching Grace.jpg
Ramelle's Prayer:
"A Prayer of Protection
for Chile"


Ramelle's prayer:
"God's Place of Visitation"

Special Tribute Anthologies

With Contributions by Author Ramelle T. Lee

The following special tribute anthologies were compiled by

Dr. Mary D. Edwards and Wanda J. Burnside:

Whatever Happened to .... (Book cover).p

 Volume 1 

Mama Vol 2.jpg

 Volume 2 

Compiled by:
Dr. Mary D. Edwards and Wanda J. Burnside

These beautiful tribute books are filled with over 50 inspirational, true stories and poems about mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, adopted mothers, and like-a-mother written by sons, daughters and grandchildren. These stories will touch the hearts of the readers and help them discover basic principles they can use in their own lives.

Contributions by Author Ramelle T. Lee
Volume 1 -
Volume 2 -
Story: Mrs. Barbara Laverne Eddins Lee 
Story: Auntie Ramelle Eddins - My Namesake
Kindle e-book / Paperback
(Volume 1)
(Volumes 1 and 2)
For further information, please visit Dr. Mary Edwards' website:
Ramelle .. contact on author page

 Learn more about Author Ramelle T. Lee

Click below to view Ramelle's

For details of how to obtain Ramelle's books,

you may contact her directly:

Author Ramelle T. Lee


Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

Tel: 313 680 4429

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