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A Special Prayer

by Sandra L.Hickman

Are you praying for healing?  

For the Lamp Newsletter International 10th Anniversary Observances in 2018,

our staff writer, Minister Sandra L. Hickman, wrote the following prayer,

based on the Prayer of Jabez:

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Dear Lord, Father God hear this prayer and be with us all who are invested in the Lamp Newsletter.  In the words of Jabez, who (1Chronicles 4:10) found favour in Your eyes, let us the lovers of Your Lamp and you Word, find the same favour as Jabez found. 


Father, we pray...


O Lord bless us indeed.... we are seeking Your face to see what You desire of us in the forthcoming year as we advance forward in Jesus name.  Please increase Your blessings upon us so that we can, and will be a blessing to You.


Enlarge our territory.... let our sphere of connections be widened to touch people all over the world.  Bring people across our paths who will be interested and involved with the genuine desire to read and know more about our Lamp Newsletter. Lord in truth, it is YOUR Newsletter!  We now humbly ask You to enlarge and expand  it.


May Your hand be upon us.... stretch out Your mighty right arm today and rest your hand upon each one of us oh Lord, strengthen us for the work of saving souls.


And keep us from harm.... protect us Father, let us be guided in all the paths by your precious Spirit.  Keep us and our families and ministries from all harm.


So that we will be free from pain.... Lord Jesus help us to be kept free from all pain, and to never cause pain to anyone else... emotional, physical and spiritual. Let us operate in every good and righteous manner as we minister to people through Your Newsletter.


Thank You God for granting our request....

In JESUS name we pray. Amen 

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