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Sandra L. Hickman
International Ministry Leader, Australia

Sandra Lynn Hickman is an Australian author, writer, poet and songwriter. Sandra was born in Fremantle Western Australia. She currently lives south of the capital city of Perth in Western Australia.


Sandra is the Australian Headquarters Ministry Leader, and Staff Writer for the Lamp Newsletter in Detroit USA. She considers her work with the Lamp as a great joy and privilege.

Sandra is a Contributing Author to fourteen Christian Publications, with stories, poetry and prayers published in eleven anthologies. A recent great pleasure was to have two prayers featured in an online e-book entitled "Beseeching Prayer For The Nations". Sandra chose to write a prayer for her beloved Nation of Australia, having a passion for reconciliation between the indigenous aboriginal and white Australians. She also pledged to pray for South Africa, as her missions ministry there in 2006 was life-changing, developing a deep love for the African people.


Her family heritage is white Australian and Australian indigenous, she has an African son in-law and grandson, thus giving her family ties to both nations. Sandra has ministered as a missionary in Africa, India and China. She has the desire to return abroad to the international mission field, hoping to eventually co-establish ministries and orphanages in third-world countries.


Sandra currently serves as a church leader, prophetic Intercessor and evangelist. She leads weekly intercessory prayer meetings for Jabez Ministries and Missions International Inc. in Kwinana, Western Australia. Sandra has a passion to see people set free in the ministry of Christian counselling and deliverance. She has a heart to see the people of God released from the bondages of their past. Her pastors are her son-in-law Pastor Raymond Nsalange and her daughter Pastor Tari Nasalnge. She has been devoted and faithful to serving the Lord in the Kwinana region for more than 13 years.


Sandra is a committed Evangelist to outreach for souls in the neighbourhoods and communities via house-to-house evangelism, with a heart and calling for revival in Kwinana and surrounding regions. Sandra graduated from Bible School in 2005. She is currently actively involved in Bible study projects and equipping programs for church and community revival. She has also overseen two churches in the leadership role, at Jabez Ministries and Missions International Inc. and another local Ministry, in pastoral and preaching roles while the respective Pastors were travelling overseas.


Sandra has been writing for many years with a love for words since she was a young girl. She began writing poetry venturing into Christian songs. She is dedicated to writing non-fiction stories and biblical-based articles, as well as personal stories, drawing from her own experiences. She has the heart of a soul-saver, to serve God by touching and inspiring people for Jesus through her writing. Sandra endeavours to write about her experiences as a missionary to Africa, India and China. She also desires to write stories, articles, testimonies, and books about her local mission field work in Kwinana, Western Australia, as well as other parts of the world.


Sandra is blessed to be a mother of two wonderful adult daughters and a grandmother to fifteen beautiful grandchildren, and soon-to-be great-grandmother of a darling great-grandson. She is the daughter of two very loving godly parents. Sandra is very dedicated to, and involved with her family; they are a high priority in her life. A prolific writer, Sandra's desire is to continue writing passionately for the Lord to bring glory to His name through reaching out to Christian and non-Christian readers alike. Sandra is currently working to finalise her book “The Letter”, plus other writing projects.



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