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Teirrany L. Bledsoe
Website Manager

Teirrany La'Shun Bledsoe is the CEO of Blessed So Records and Promotions. After working 30 years in early childhood education, she began to watch her path deviate into something brand new. Teirrany took a big leap of faith to start her own music business.

In her passion and concern for gospel music artists and her love for music, things evolved. She quickly became a consultant for artists which led into managing, and building a label to assist and propel artists in ministry. Blessed So Records is becoming a movement that is blessing the artists, the listeners, their communities and now the nations. Teirrany believes that through gospel music, the world can meet God and fall in love with Him.

Teirrany joined the staff of The Lamp Newsletter International in 2021, as Website Manager.


To learn more about Teirrany, view contact details below.

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Teirrany - contact info

Contact Information

Evangelist Teirrany L. Bledsoe
Website: (Details to follow)
Facebook: tlashun
Tel: 1-615 293 7514
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