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Simmie L. Burnside

Mr. Simmie Lee Burnside, Jr. faithfully serves as the manager of the Lamp Newsletter and has done so since its founding in 2008. He oversees the production and operation of the newsletter. Simmie is the major source of finance to ensure the productivity of The Lamp. He helps with the printing, distribution and mailing of the newsletter.  He also is the co-founder and manager of Write the Vision Ministries & Media Productions, International. This worldwide ministry was founded by his wife, Wanda J. Burnside in 1995.

They closely work together to provide numerous outreach ministries, events, activities, and services for women, men, children and teens who are deeply hurting or suffering with various vital needs. Their ministries have changed lives. Note: For more information about Write the Vision Ministries & Media Productions, International, please see Wanda J. Burnside’s bio.


Simmie is the co-founder and sponsor of Wanda’s radio outreach ministry, RESTORE!  RESTORE! It debuted in 2016. This program is a part of the Tribe Family Network. Ms. Beverly Black Johnson is the founder and president.


In 1966, Simmie was employed at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI. While working at Ford Motor, he was committed to serve on various committees for the betterment of the employees. Management selected him to attend technical and task force workshops, seminars and educational institutions, to study on how to help employees receive benefits.Simmie retired in 2000.


Through the years, he has loyally served in various areas of leadership in the Sunday School Dept., Missions, the youth dept., and in other auxiliaries. He has given his time to work in the local, district and jurisdictional church departments. In his childhood, he was a member at Bailey Temple Church of God in Christ in Detroit. In his youth, he was a member at Grace Temple Church of God in Christ. From 1972 to the present, he is a member of Greater Miller Memorial Church of God in Christ in Warren, MI.


In the early 1970’s, Simmie was in charge of recording and taping the musical productions of a leading gospel band in Detroit. He traveled with the band to record their concerts and musical events. His brother-in-law, Elder Rodger M. Palm, was the founder, president and director of this band.


In 2002, Simmie became committed to servicing in any needed capacity in The Called & Ready Writers.  He is the bookstore manager. This Christian writing guild was founded by Dr. Mary Edwards.  His wife, Wanda, is the president of the guild.


Simmie is an artist and illustrator. He has taught others how to develop their skills in this area. Simmie helped two young men to achieve major acknowledgements and awards in their artwork at school.


He is an award-winning athlete. He received championship awards in basketball from 1960-1975. These trophies and awards came from Simmie playing on community basketball teams and the Ford Motor Company men’s basketball team.  


He loves Bible history and biblical study. Simmie greatly enjoys traveling, music, nature, reading and classic television drama.


Simmie is married to Wanda J. Burnside. They were married in 1972.


Contact Information

Mr. Simmie L. Burnside Jr.
Manager, The Lamp Newsletter.

P.O. Box 125, Dearborn,

MI. 48121-0125

Phone: (313) 491-3504


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